Who likes to make smoothies without a blender or a food processor? Personally, I am not one who does. Although, perhaps you can, it’s not necessarily the easiest way to do so. Convenience and ease is one of the things people look for in a smoothie blender. You’ll have to invest in a good blender if you want to enjoy a healthy smoothie.
A blender is necessary to break up and blend the fruits and other ingredients in a smoothie. This is something that a juicer is unable to do. If you tried using a juicer, you will not be able to add the ice, milk, yogurt, protein powder and other smoothie ingredients.
Tips for Choosing a Smoothie Blender
There are many kinds of smoothie makers for several different budget slots. Mid range blenders that are between $50 and $120 make great smoothies. But there are other factors to determine when choosing a smoother blender.
The best smoothie blender is one that is built to last, has a powerful motor and will crush frozen fruits and ice…not necessarily expensive.
Check the flask capacity of your blender. If you plan to blend large amounts of ingredients, you will need a blender with a larger flask.
Check that the blender is easy to clean and reassemble. You should be able to take out the blades with ease so that you can clean the equipment properly. Otherwise, you will have residues left in the blender.
No matter what model of smoothie blender you are choosing, make sure it fits your personal needs. It is best to invest in a durable, high quality blender that offers strong motors and sharp blades.



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